RSB tightens quality noose on wine makers


The quality of banana wines could soon improve significantly, thanks to the new push by the Rwanda Standards Board (RSB) to improve quality in the industry.

Tough central bank guidelines tame third party insurance underselling

The move by the central bank to introduce a minimum rate for third party insurance premiums has helped tame the vice of underselling, which had taken root in the local insurance sector.


Hosting Chan will attract sponsors, says Dufourg


Newly appointed Ferwafa head of marketing and communications Jerome Dufourg believes that hosting the 2016 African Nations Championship (Chan) is going to be a catalyst for attracting sponsorship for all football activities in Rwanda.

Ferwaba sets dates for U-16, Zone 5 club tourneys


Rwanda Basketball Federation (Ferwaba) has set May 25-31 as the dates for the U-16 tournament.

Rwanda Film Festival preparations kick off


This year’s movie calendar is taking shape as preparations for the 11th edition of the annual Rwanda Film Festival (RFF) kick off in high gear.

From selling art pieces in bars, he now owns his art gallery


I watch as he paints his piece. He is engrossed in his work as music plays in the background. His working gear is dotted with stains from paint. He is an artist, whose work reflects African culture. Before 2010, Hakizimana never believed that one day he would own his own...

Bars turn into drinking haven for minors as owners turn a blind eye


Alcohol is strictly not for sale to persons under 18. All alcoholic drinks come with this warning.

DEBATE: Would you tell your spouse that you were raped?


Yes, keeping it would only haunt me Rape is a nightmare for anybody. With it, comes psychological trauma and in most cases, it has a lot to do with relationship disorders or misunderstandings.

Simbi: How we pulled off Miss Rwanda 2015


It’s a beauty pageant, not a fashion show. A lady who did not agree with people criticising the slow catwalk during the recently concluded Miss Rwanda 2015 finale at Kigali Serena Hotel remarked.

ASK THE COUNSELOR: Am I missing out on family?

How does one balance between family life, work and business? I am a 32-year-old mother of two. I have a day job and a business that I run with my husband who also has a job.

We must develop the reading culture to remain relevant


Once upon a time, it was fashionable for parents to teach their children how to read. The biggest hurdle to establishing a culture of reading in Africa is neither access nor infrastructure.

Food fortification prevents malnutrition


Almost one third of the world’s population (or close to 2 billion people) suffers from micronutrient (vitamin and mineral) deficiency, or “hidden hunger.”


Editorial Cartoon


The microfinance sector has started a countrywide study to understand the causes of loan defaulting so as to find a lasting solution.

Towards achieving MDGs targets

FH Rwanda, an international development organization, has been working in partnership with communities and local leadership in priority communities to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.

Made in Rwanda: Let us consume local to reduce trade deficit

The industrial sector in Rwanda is currently small contributing on average 19.2% of GDP. The Government of Rwanda has however developed an environment that promotes competitiveness and growth in a bid to creating boom for worldwide exporting.

Recruitment of a Technical Advisor to the Rwanda National Investment Trust (RNIT) ltd

1. Background The Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning established an independent asset management company the ‘Rwanda National Investment Trust Limited [RNIT Ltd]’ with the aim of promoting assets (fund) management industry.

ISPA: Bringing unique, fast internet connection services

ISPA, the best high speed internet access service provider in Rwanda ofers Unlimited Broadband Internet for both Home and Business users depending on one’s requirements. ISPA is inflencing the service parameters and finalizinga plan to realize desired results on a constant basis.

Why demand for vocational education is on the increase


Although vocational education is considered as a path taken by academic failures, the global trend is changing this perception as the global education policy shifts to technical and vocational education. Globally, conventional schooling is gradually giving way to Vocational Education and Training. And this trend is not any different in...

Let us promote debates in schools


I consider students’ active participation in debates as a good strategy that schools should adopt to empower young people with many important skills that adequately prepare them for adult responsibilities. Ideally, all schools should have vibrant debate clubs.

Pill taken before, after sex may prevent HIV


AN HIV prevention pill taken by gay men before and after sex reduced the risk of virus transmission by 86 percent, according to the results of a clinical trial released Tuesday.

Reasons why you may not be conceiving


I have gone through grief before. I have experienced heart-wrenching relationship-breakdowns, lost dear ones, felt excruciating pain which can be endured over time. And yet none of that can compare to the pain of failing to get a child,” Claire Uwase says.