Senderi releases Genocide commemoration song

Singer Eric Senderi. Net

Local artiste Eric Senderi last week released a new song, ‘Amateka Yacu’, in honour of victims of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

The song is the 47th on the list of commemoration songs that the Kirehe District-born singer has released over the years.

He says that remembering the Genocide is an obligation for every Rwandan. His song speaks of forgiveness and the resilience of Rwandans since the horrific events 24 years ago.

He believes that his new song will help project a positive image of Rwanda around the world.

“My song delivers a powerful message to survivors and all Rwandans that it is our responsibility to forgive the perpetrators and commends the survivors for their resilience in building the country despite the traumatic past.”

“It is really important not to forget our past in order to continue passing on our history to future generations. Although we are still fighting the consequences of the Genocide, we strongly believe that Rwanda has a better future ahead and it is our duty as Rwandans to make our voice be heard,” he says.


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